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Create Your Own Business Slogans

Business slogans are short, catchy phrases that summarize a key attribute of your product or service. They're used to promote your company or product. A good slogan can spread like wildfire and even become a cultural catch phrase. A bad slogan just confuses people. Let's take a look at some popular examples, then go through the steps to create your own business slogans.

Famous Fast Food Slogans

Fast food restaurants popularized business slogans such as "have it your way" and "over x billion served." There are so many fast food slogans and tag lines it would take an hour just to go through them. Note them the next time you watch television or listen to the radio. See how many you know!

Consumer Product Examples

Other popular business slogans include slogans for consumer products such as soap, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, toilet paper, and many other consumer products. Can you think of some of the famous soap slogans? Many have been around for decades.

Create Your Own Slogan

To create your own successful slogan, think creatively. What is it about your product or service that's different? Who is your customer - and how do you serve them? Brainstorming sessions with your team or a group of people may yield more creative ideas than just trying on your own to come up with a slogan.

Test Your Slogan

After creating several slogans, try them out on friends, family and customers if you can. If your friends say, "Gee, that sounds familiar" check and double check your slogan to make sure it's not a duplicate of something that's already out in the market.

Trademark Check

It's a smart move to do a quick trademark check on your slogan. Many businesses trademark their slogans, tag lines and logos, and if you inadvertently duplicate it, you could be in legal hot water. Run a general internet search first on the phrase to see if it comes up in reference to someone else's product or company. Next, use a site such as the United States Patent and Trademark site to see if a particular slogan is trademarked.

Use Slogans in Advertising

Once you've come up with your business slogan, use it in all your advertising material. Television commercials, radio commercials, print ads, billboards - your slogan should appear in the same place in every ad, if possible, to gain recognition. It's best to keep the slogan separate from an ad's headline. A headline serves a different purpose than a slogan. The headline should lead into the body copy. A slogan summarizes business or brand attributes in a catchy way.

Use Slogans on Business Material

Don't forget to include your company's slogan on business materials such as business cards, corporate brochures, and your websites. It's important to use your slogan consistently so it gains recognition in the marketplace. It may be a good idea to create a simple branding manual for your company. A branding manual spells out the colors, slogans, logo and other important information that should be included on every marketing piece.

Take Your Time

Slogans can really catch on with customers, becoming viral marketing campaigns in and of themselves if done well. Take your time with your slogan. It will take a while to catch on, and it's better to invest the time at the start of the process than to constantly change your mind and go back and switch your slogan around. Business slogans are a helpful addition to your company's marketing program. For more on marketing:

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Business Slogans